A Family Day at the Beach

The Australian summer has well and truly arrived and temperatures are rising all over the country. Whilst it might be tempting to crank up the air conditioner, do the planet-and your power bill-a favour by heading to the beach to cool down.

With all of Australia’s stunning coast line to choose from, a dip in the sea is the perfect way to stop the heat getting to your little ones. If you’ve bought any of our bamboo bedsheets lately, the reusable bag they come in is brilliant for the beach-wear it like a backpack to keep your hands free for all the other bits and pieces you need to carry. We’d also recommend taking along one of our bamboo towels-bamboo’s natural wicking properties mean they dry quickly.

Timing your trip for either early morning or late afternoon is a great way to miss the scorching midday sun, and may also mean a quieter beach. As well as cooling off, splashing around in the sea introduces kids to another part of nature. Why not grab a snorkel set and see what you can spot? After you’re done with your swim, we’ve spotted this great eco-friendly play set to keep the kids entertained on the sand.

All that sea air will be sure to have the whole family ravenous. Heading to a beach side cafe or restaurant can get pricey with the family in tow, so consider packing a picnic to save some cash. An old sheet or table cloth, kept in the bag until it’s time to eat, will keep sandwiches sand-free. Fresh juices are great for a summery treat-we like watermelon for grown ups and jungle juice for the kids. Instead of paper plates and cups, go for bamboo cutlery and crockery-it’s light enough to carry easily but strong enough to be reusable.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for a family day at the beach-do you have any favourite spots to go to, or useful tips?

A Family Day at the Beach
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